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  • All things italy!
    Restaurant - Pastries - Gelato- Cafe
    Cocktail bar - Deli - Pasta - Pizza

    Step into the home of Italy with Alimentari experience The concept embodies all the best parts of an Italian culture by blending its kitchen and fresh products delicatessen and purely European retail store.

    This Alimentari emporium delivers a truly Italian ad- venture with alfresco dining for all of your espresso mornings and aperitivo afternoons and with walls lined ceiling to floor with the finest European imported artisanal products to enjoy in store or to take with you home.
  • Bistrot - Caffé - Bar
    Restaurant - Dessert - Cocktails - Coffee - Brunch

    Take your seat , relax and join us for a uniquely funky Italian experience

    Be it a special lunch for a loved one, a lazy brunch with friends or simply a nice long evening of fine dining and lounging , listening to your favorite dance classics. Whatever it is.. Don’t take yourselves too seriously, enjoy the lights, the colors. Bend the rules. Live a little and make everyday spectacular. Feel the atmosphere, ease the mind. Please your senses @ Circo.
  • Fast - casual - affordable
    Pasta - Pizza - Salad - Coffe

    A delightful and affordable Italian casual concept, where the essence of the Italian “dolce vita” and a laid-back lifestyle come together.

    Our menu is centered around fresh pasta, delectable pizza, and a variety of salad & anti-pasti options.

    With a young and playfull design, we celebrate the joy of everyday living and offer a casual atmosphere for all.



In the vibrant city of Shanghai back in 2007, a dedicated group of Italians came together with a bold vision: to transport the local community to the heart of Italian street life. Starting from street-side eateries and cozy corner cafes, they introduced an extensive selection of imported goods, making it effortless for people to savor authentic Italian cuisine and share delightful moments over wine with their friends. Their mission was to faithfully recreate the essence of the Italian way of life and introduce it to China. Their ultimate goal was to unite people, trough good food, good moments and unforgettable dinner moments. And so Popolo was born.

The taste of Italy in China

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The taste
of Iitaly in China